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A Day in the Life...

Its been a while since my last homeschooling post. If you have read my other posts, you will find that things in our life do not always go as planned. I thought I would just give you a glimpse into our organized chaos today. A little side by side comparison for your entertainment. THE PLAN:

5 am - Wake up, get semi-dressed (teaching online, my students only see me from the waist up!) 5:30-7:30am Teach eager young students in China

7:30am - Have a cup of coffee, close out my classes, play with the baby

8:00am - Take a shower, have the kids get breakfast

9:00am - Get ready to leave

9:30am - Piano lessons for the bigs while mommy and baby chill at home for an hour

11:00am - Pick up kids from piano

11:30am - Go to homeschool gym time and the big kids have lunch there while the baby and I have fun at home for a while

1:00pm - Pick up kids, nap time at home, do chores and school work.

2:30pm - Go to the library! Return the books that are a week overdue and pick out new books to keep for way too long.

3:00pm Come home and play with friends! Here is what ACTUALLY happened so far this morning:

5am - Hit snooze for 10 minutes. Get half dressed in a rush to get downstairs. Power on the computer 3 minutes before class. 6am - Have a class get cancelled and get paid to drink my coffee!! Some schedule changes are very, very welcome. 7:30am - Finish classes, drink coffee, snuggle baby. So far so good.

**Piano lessons cancelled. No prob! - we'll jump on school work before the gym!**

8am - Realize husband left his phone at home. Agree to bring it to him. I then remembered that I hit a semi truck tire on the interstate yesterday that damaged the undercarriage of my van and made it undriveable as is. Get my super awesome 10 year old Boy B to get his tools and I assist him in removing the damaged plastic guard from the bottom of the van. Life skills, my friend.

9:30am - Get on the road to take the phone to hubby at work.

10:30am - Back home! Get the baby down for a nap. And get the bigs started on school work. Grumpy attitudes abound. We don't make it to the gym:( Take advantage of the few minutes of quiet writing time to catch up on blog posts. 12:00 - LUNCH! So no shower, no gym, and no piano lessons. We are off schedule more often than we are on but I still find the "plan" to be helpful. We can still finish the day strong. Maybe we'll still get to the library and end up spending more money on free books... How is your day going?

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