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A Day in the Life... again

So much of homeschooling is just the day to day of life and learning. So here is a sampling of our day with a 12, 10, 8, and 2 year old and a crap ton of laundry.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed for my students at 5:55am!

5:30am - alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

5:38am - second alarm goes off. Reset for 5:44am - third alarm goes off.

5:45am - Teaching app alarm goes off.

5:46am - drag self out of bed and get dressed in a rush and head downstairs.

5:55am - fire up computer, log in, quick selfie.

6:00am - TEACH! (Its 7pm Beijing time) Like my background? It makes me forget I am in my basement ;)

  • NOT PICTURED: My make up to hide my tired eyes....

6:30am - finish first class and have a short break to make some coffee! Coffee makes the teaching magic happen! Well, coffee and AR stickers. We dressed up as the characters to read the story!

8am - DONE TEACHING (for money anyway)! Time for morning snuggles!

NOT PICTURED: Hubby who is already off to work, Big Girl B and Boy B who are still grumping around in their pajamas.


9am -ish. Morning work. Office work for mom. Handwriting, math, and spelling for kiddos. Sticker work for the smallest and squishiest.

Yes, that is ajar with an exoskeleton in it.

10am - MATH! PICTURED: Boy B with Harley and her stuffed bunny. Math is always easier with a giant dog and her stuffed bunny.

ALSO PICTURED: crap ton of laundry to fold.

NOT PICTURED: Big Girl B and Squishy B who are doing their math in their bedroom.


11:00am - Fast forward through phonics and language arts - nothing to see here because I forgot to take pictures.

11:30am - SCIENCE! Today we decided to watch one of our favorite YouTube channels - Smarter Every Day. We watch, we discuss, and sometimes we delve into the rabbit hole and learn more about the subject of the video. Today it was watch and discuss.


12:00pm LUNCH. We had frozen pizza. Keeping it fancy over here.

1:00pm - Complete Spanish homework for our online classes tomorrow.

Our routine has varied A LOT since the whole COVID thing and our homeschool group ending for the school year. We are just now finding a sense of normalcy.

Honorable mention activities not pictured above:

*picking up the grocery order

*half a dozen diaper changes

*picking up all the toddler toys for the first, second, and third time today.

*answering the door for every single kid in the neighborhood who wants to know exactly when my kids can come out to play.

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