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I didn't want to go grocery shopping today.

I really didn't. I figured the kids could eat leftover rice with some sliced turkey, right? They weren't too keen on that idea and kept saying, "We need to go to the store." My brain kept saying, "But I don't wannnnaaaa." Enter the opportunity for a Life Lesson. I told the kids to make the grocery list of what we needed and then we would go to the store. They were hungry and motivated. The two oldest made the list while their younger sister ran back and forth checking the fridge and pantry to see what we were missing.

On the way there, the following conversation ensued:

Big Girl B: I'm glad we are going to the store. Our fridge is hungry.

Boy B: If the food we put in the fridge feeds it, then I guess we are eating its poop.

*Hilarious laughter ensues* Mom: I think if the door is its mouth and what we put in feeds it, then technically what we are eating is its vomit.

*Groaning and gagging sounds abound*

The rest of the ride is a conversational gold mine of poop and vomit comments.

We went to the store and I let the Boy lead the way with the list. This was fine with him since he loves to boss people around. He told us where to go and what to get.

Their list: apples





coffee creamer

soup (everyone got to pick 2 favorites each)

chips (he specified the scoop corn chips because we have cheese dip at home)

paper towels

hot dogs



salmon - which we decided to wait and buy at a different location with better seafood options

I only added lettuce, hair conditioner, apple cider, and popsicle molds which I gave to them so they could make pops with the apple cider.

At the check out counter, the Big Girl B watched over Baby B. My middle daughter put the bags into the cart and Boy B learned how to use a debit card.

Big Girl B is putting away the groceries and organizing the fridge.

When we got home, the girls unloaded the car and put away all the groceries like the Boy made lunch - hot dogs and chips with cheese sauce.

Boy B is cooking hot dogs for himself and his sisters.

I'm thinking about writing a book. It should be called, "The Slacker Mom's Guide to Homeschooling and Being Productive"... What do you think?
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