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The Best Laid Plans of Moms and Reality

What does my day really look like? I wanted to write that picture-perfect post. I wanted to proudly proclaim, "This is what my beautiful, perfect homeschooling family does during our perfectly ordered and organized day." Then I was going to show you some great "candid" photos that were filtered just so. You know, so they looked like they weren't filtered but made you think maybe she just happened to catch that perfect moment. But since lying is considered to be a "bad thing", I guess I will just tell you the truth. I didn't even take a picture to go with this post because that's how NOT on top of it I am... *sigh*

My family is not perfect. Shocking, yes, I know.

Surely, one must be perfect before presenting oneself as some sort of an expert. If I have learned anything over the years, it is my failures that give me my expertise! One of my biggest failures in homeschooling is my ability to plan the perfect day and the inability to stick to it. Actually, let me rephrase. Its my inability to make my children adhere to my carefully crafted order of events. Silly children, what with being human and all with all their own thoughts and ideas. Even as I write this, the 3 bigs, who are supposed to writing with me in this cozy, candlelit atmosphere (a la The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart) are not totally getting with the program. They keep kicking the table, dropping their pencils, and doing that super cool thing where you run your finger through the candle flame but don't actually get burned. The baby is sitting right beside me demanding more cubes of cheese in exchange for her cooperative silence. I imagined us all sitting and writing stories, beautiful pieces of prose, or perfectly copied verses of Scripture.

What I got was entirely different. My Big girl B is drawing clothing designs. Is she writing? Not exactly but she is practicing many of the same skills. She is drawing careful lines. She is spelling out words. She is creating something totally new.

My Boy B is writing his birthday list. He turns 10 in a few weeks. This is definitely important work. My Squishy B is making different paper airplanes. She is sitting still and focusing on a task. She is comparing and contrasting her different designs. Baby B is learning that cheese tastes infinitely better once it has been mashed through your fingers first. Life skills y'all. There was a time when all of this childish stuff (what's that you say? Children being children? Oh.the.horror!) would have made me declare defeat. But now I know that this has definitely been a successful hour. Each day or activity may not go as planned.

The success is in finding the little successes hiding in our "failures".

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