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The Evolution of a Homeschool Mom

Our journey to homeschooling did not start with a heavy-hearted conviction. It did not come from a place of fear or concern. It came from a simple, motherly instinct not to leave my child.

I was a full time teacher when I became pregnant with our first child. I was deeply ensconced in the paradigm of mass education within the conventional public school system. I knew the ins and outs. I knew the jargon and acronyms. I knew all the made up words. Educators really like to make up words! When I gave birth to our oldest daughter, the school year had not ended yet. I had to go back to school when my maternity leave was over. I made arrangements with a dear family friend, a grandmother, to care for my Big B while I was at work. That first morning when I dropped her off.... I died a little inside. It felt so wrong. My body reminded me virtually every moment of the day that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. We were still nursing so it was a very insistent, messy reminder! I agonized over what to do. I prayed about it. I thought we would need the money. God proved his provision over all and my husband got a raise big enough to cover what we needed.

When the school year ended, I knew I was not going back to work.

Still, homeschooling was not totally on our radar. Sure, we had heard of it. Being raised in a conservative Southern Baptist church, I had even grown up with a few homeschoolers. But they were... weird. They only wore dresses and were never allowed to do anything fun. So while it sounded enchanting to have my babies stay with me all the time, I wasn't about to go purchase a closet full of denim jumpers!

Do you see the magic in her eyes? I never want her to lose that.

Gradually, as my daughter grew and our son was born, something changed in my thinking. I began to do something I thought only experts could do.

I began to teach my child.

I taught her how to walk and talk. I taught her how to eat and use the bathroom. I taught her how to brush her teeth. Her daddy taught her too. He taught her to sing songs and play games. He taught her to play little tunes on the piano and how to say big words. I began to see that teaching children is not this hugely complicated task requiring years of education and government certifications. I understood that you didn't need to be an expert in subjects and methods. You only needed to be an expert in one thing - your child. God had already equipped us with the skills needed to teach our children. 1. A love for our children

2. A willingness to learn.

As my big girl edged closer to that "preschool cut off"age, I began to explore alternate paths of education. The idea of sending her off to a big room full of kids in an even bigger building full of even more kids where she would be lost in a faceless crowd to be "educated" was more than I could bear. My unique, quirky little girl would end up having all the weird stomped right out of her. I couldn't do it. I wanted her weird.

You read that right. I wanted my child to be weird. To be herself. To be unique. To be the girl God created her to be without fear or pressure to conform to the masses.

Thus my journey into homeschooling was born. I then did what I realized later is a hallmark of a homeschooling mom - I read all the books I could get my hands on about the subject of homeschooling! I talked to other moms who were embarking on the same journey. I found out some wonderful things. Homeschooling wasn't just this odd little pocket of denim jumper- wearing, culotte-shunning outcasts. (Although I too shun culottes. Pants or skirt - pick one!) There were all kinds of interesting people in the homeschooling community! The more I met, the more I realized that these were my people. My tribe.

In this blog I will share about our homeschooling journey. The ups and downs, the discoveries, the back peddling, the huge mistakes, and the surprising victories. If you are interested in learning more about homeschooling and have no idea where to start, feel free to contact me! I am happy to help!

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